This exhibition was particularly influenced by the Jesuit scholar Walter Ong,  Orality and Literacy: The technologizing of the word, 2002. in Greek myth Cadmus sewed the dragon’s teeth and subsequently grew the alphabet hence the downward spiral of Orality. Even before the Gutenberg Press furthered the pursuit of knowledge, medieval chivalry advanced the mythology of dragon slaying. Literate communication promoted imperial might and secularism to triumph over the mysticism of Oral cultures. However, today’s technologies perhaps herald a new era in which a dominant and ethereal form of communication may just awaken the sleeping dragon.

drawn and quartered, Umbrella Studio Inc, Townsville.  4 April - 7 May 2008

Below - installation - Litera Scripta_A strange loop; Quadratura Circuli; White rabbits; Etchings on Paper, 40 x 40cm /  Video installation (Kelly Bianchi) and vinyl hand drawing.

Cadmus - St George slaying dragons / Captain Blood and literature / shifting technologies - scroll / dragon returns with computer slaying games Vinyl wall drawings.