Exhibition at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

Joyful Mysteries - vinyl sticker on perspex over digital still on canvas. 80 x 80cm
sorrowful mysteries.jpg
luminous layers trial.jpg

Joyful, Glorious, Sorrowful and Luminous Mysteries 2014

Digital images on canvas/ vinyl on perspex each with stitched rosary 80 x 80 cm

A first generation Australian, my grandmother was born in 1900 in Bogantungan, a small railway siding near Barcaldine in Central Queensland; she spent her later married life in Longreach quite nearby.  Her childhood was spent around Tipperary Flats, streets where Irish miners and their families lived in Mount Morgan; thus she had rarely experienced anything other than Central Queensland, much less had she any more personal experience of Ireland than her parents’ stories.

I was prompted to collect  a rosary souvenir when and from where-ever after visiting the Hunt Museum in Limerick in 2004. Not so much nostalgia as recognition of the commanding influence that culture has on one's view of the world.  Hence the series The Mysteries are the point of recognition and distinction between realities and belief systems. 

Each work comprises of two layers, a printed canvas behind a vinyl sticker on perspex, each with a rosary stitched to the canvas. Documented here are the working layers prior to printing and assembling.