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Working with artists

2017 Collaboration with Robert Douma Life after NYC Catalogue cover and ABC photo Umbrella Studio

2015 Post Post, Umbrella Studio, Townsville and Impress Printmakers Gallery Brisbane

(Cover image collograph Dianne Orinda Burns)

2013 Strand Ephemera collaboration with Steve Campbell - 100 things that change with the wind

2011 Neoteric exhibition at Umbrella Studio - Wee heros Grand Narratives Print transfer on paper - d foley

2010 Tate Adams signs off on Maura, drawn on copper plate etched by donna foley printed jo lankester at garagepress (donna foley with Max and Frances Thompson Director Perc Tucker Regional Gallery)

2010 Excerpts from the XXX+Y exhibition at Pinnacles - a collaboration of associated artists - l-r CtrlX CtrlV vinyl 3 x 9m / X Factor etching on paper donna foley, Linocut multiples Doug Arana, Oil on Canvas Kelly Bianchi, Echlin St Quarry, collograph on paper Jo Lankester

2010 Jo Lankester worked with Tate Adams To produce Pandanus the inaugural honorary print for Print Council of Australia

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